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What we offer

- Quality
- good Service
- Safety
- Attractive Prices

Our Goal
Our goal is to give you the best possible service.
Personalized Service
Customer service comes first, which is why the trust you put in us is the foundation of our success.

  About Our Company

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Autocares Adrover

We're a family business located in Mallorca with more than 30 years of experience in the business of occasional passenger transport.
Maybe you've never travelled with us. Maybe you've seen us on the road hundreds of times, with children, tourists or older people. Maybe you've heard about us and you've never thought about taking a trip by coach.
Or maybe, you're among those who have always trusted in us, in our experience and in our professionalism. Maybe we've taken you to work or to the airport, or out on the town for your bachelor's party, or given a ride to the guests for your wedding... and now we take your children to school. We've always arrived on time, and in a clean and orderly fashion, with all the paperwork in order so you can feel safe and enjoy the trip. We've been working all these years to maintain the level of professional quality that you look for and deserve.

"Get in touch with us. We're here to make your projects come to life."
Team Members

Autocares Adrover S.L. has a team of expert drivers who work 24 hours for you to guarantee at all times maximum punctuality and the highest level of service in each journey.

They are a friendly and effective team who improve the quality of your trips.

Our Fleet

Our fleet consists of coaches and minibuses from 55 to 13 seats, most of them adapted for handicapped people.